Protocol Handlers

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have the ability to handle web protocols, which means they can respond to specific URL schemes. For example, a PWA can register to handle mailto: links, so that clicking on an e-mail link can open a compose window in the PWA instead of opening the default mail client.

The application can declare custom protocols using the prefix web+.

With protocol handlers, your PWA can provide a more integrated user experience, functioning more like a native application.


        enabled: true
            - protocol: "mailto"
              url: "/compose?to=%s"
              title: "Compose Email"
            - protocol: "web+custom"
                  path: "app_feature1"
                      foo: "bar"
              title: "Open with Feature #1"

Considerations When Using Protocol Handlers

  • Ensure that your PWA is served over HTTPS, as handling protocols can present security risks if not properly secured.

  • Test the protocol handlers thoroughly on different browsers, as support for this feature can vary.

  • Respect user choice. Always provide an easy way for users to opt-out of using the PWA as a default handler for specific protocols.

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