Custom Cache Strategies

The bundle provides a large set of cache strategies. However, you can define your own strategies if you need a specific behavior that is not already supported.

With a service that implement SpomkyLabs\PwaBundle\CachingStrategy\HasCacheStrategiesInterface you will be able to return cache strategy objects.

The method process shall return valid JS as a string. This script will be executed by browsers.



namespace Acme;

use SpomkyLabs\PwaBundle\CachingStrategy\CacheStrategyInterface;
use SpomkyLabs\PwaBundle\CachingStrategy\HasCacheStrategiesInterface;

final readonly class MyCustomStrategies implements HasCacheStrategiesInterface
     * @return array<CacheStrategyInterface>
    public function getCacheStrategies(): array
        return [
            ... // You cache strategies here

If the service autoconfiguration is enable, the tag will be added automatically. Otherwise, you need to add the tag spomky_labs_pwa.cache_strategy.

Cache Strategies are objects that implement CacheStrategyInterface. The most important function is the rendered JS that will be injected to the Service Worker.

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