PWA shortcuts can be added to any web app manifest by including the shortcuts property, which is an array of objects each representing a shortcut. This can enhance user engagement and make your app more accessible.

When designing shortcuts for your Progressive Web App, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep It Simple: Shortcuts should be straightforward and provide clear value to the user.

  • Use Icons: Visual representation makes shortcuts more recognizable and user-friendly.

  • Limit the Number: Too many shortcuts can overwhelm users; focus on the most important actions.

Adding shortcuts is a small but effective addition to enhance your PWA's user experience.

Remember to periodically review your shortcuts to ensure they remain relevant and beneficial to your users. Shortcuts are a dynamic feature and should evolve as your application grows and changes.


        enabled: true
            - name: "Start New Conversation"
              short_name: "New Chat"
              description: "Create a new conversation."
              url: "/start-chat"
                - src: "icons/feature1-96x96.png"
                  sizes: [96]
            - name: "View Unread Messages"
              short_name: "Unread"
              description: "View unread messages."
              url: "/unread-messages"
                - src: "icons/feature2-96x96.png"
                  sizes: [96]

name and short_name Parameters

The name parameter in each shortcut object is used to define the full name of the shortcut, which will be displayed to the user. It should be descriptive enough to communicate the action that will be taken when the shortcut is activated, but also concise enough to be quickly understood.

Best Practices for Naming Shortcuts:

  • Be Descriptive: Choose a name that clearly explains what the shortcut does (e.g., "Add to Favorites" is better than just "Add").

  • Be Consistent: Use a consistent naming convention across all shortcuts to prevent user confusion.

  • Avoid Jargon: Use language that is easily understandable by all users, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Don't forget to include the short_name parameter if the name is too long to be displayed in full on all devices. The short_name is a more concise version of name, which can be used when there's insufficient space.

url Parameter

The url parameter specifies the URL to which the user should be navigated when they activate the shortcut. It indicates the location or feature within the application that corresponds to that specific shortcut.

The URL can be a controller route name, with or without parameters, an absolute or a relative URL.

            - name: "Feature #1"
              short_name: "feature-1"
              url: "app_feature1" # route name
            - name: "Feature #2"
              short_name: "feature-2"
                  path: "app_feature2" # route name
                  params: # route parameters
                      key: "value2"
            - name: "Feature #3"
              short_name: "feature-3"
              url: "/feature/3" # relative URL
            - name: "Feature #4"
              short_name: "feature-4"
              url: "" # absolute URL
            - name: "Feature #5"
              short_name: "feature-5"
                  path: "app_feature5" # route name
                  path_type_reference: 3 # Network URL

The path_type_reference option expects an integer where:

  • 0: absolute URL (e.g.

  • 1: absolute path (e.g. /foo/bar)

  • 2: relativepath (e.g. ../bar)

  • 3: network path (e.g. //

With absolut URLs, please make sure the Request Context is set. See the router configuration for more informaiton.

description Parameter

The description parameter helps the user understanding the purpose of the shortcut.

icons Parameter

Adding icons to shortcuts not only makes them visually appealing but also helps users to quickly identify the action they represent. Icons for shortcuts can be defined within the icons array and it's important that these are clear and relevant to the function of the shortcut. Icons should be provided in multiple sizes to ensure that they display well on all devices.

See the definition on the icon page.

The presence of a 96x96 icon is highly recommended for shortcuts.

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